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You’re A Person Too


As we all know, there has been a LOT going on in the United States in the past few months and in the past couple of weeks. Before any of you start going off about how “these things happen in other countries every second of every day”, please realize that I care about all of these events. I feel for all of the people who have suffered, in all countries. However, right now, I’m focusing on the events here. I refuse to feel guilty about caring for the people in my own country.

Officers dying, innocent black people dying, protesters, mass shootings, PEOPLE dying. People. There is a rage flooding this country that has been rumbling for far too long and it’s getting out of hand. This hate needs to just stop, when will it stop? It is not enough to not be racist. That is no longer effective, action needs to be taken. Change needs to happen. I stand for every race, every ethnicity, all cultures. I don’t, however, stand for violence or ignorance or hatred. I don’t stand for the dummies that say all lives matter, we friggin’ know that all lives matter, the fact that we even need to say that out loud is sad. The thing is, people preach that all lives matter, however, not ALL LIVES ARE BEING TREATED EQUALLY. Can’t anyone understand this? Black Lives Matter’s purpose is to show this country that black lives aren’t being treated justly, they’re not being treated like “all” lives matter. That is the issue at hand. Innocent members of the black community being murdered.Not just by police officers, mind you. Then we have the audacity to be upset when there is friction, protesters, and acts of violence reciprocated.

Imagine always having to walk on eggshells because you don’t know how someone is going to react to you. Not someone, but a somewholeentirecommunityofwhitepeople. Of course, there is bad and good in all communities. The man who shot all of those police officers completely threw all and any progress of peaceful protesters to the wind. Understand this. Understand that it was a peaceful protest that some idiot with a gun decided to take into his own hands. One step forward, four steps back. Blue lives matter too, but that does not dismiss the fact that they are a representation of each other and some of them decided to MURDER innocent individuals in the name of white privilege. If you think white privilege isn’t a “thing”, please go into any Wal Mart or Target and use the self check out….Do they hover? No? Do they check your receipt? No? Hmmm….Funny. That shit is real. The problem is we want life to be so FeeFee LaLa we can’t get our heads out of our asses long enough to take a good hard look. I have good friends who are officers, and they are goodhearted  officers who do right by their community and I am so happy to be able to say that. I have good friends of color and they are goodhearted people who do right by their community and I am so happy to be able to say that. I have good friends who are white and they are goodhearted people who do right by their community and I am so happy to be able to say that. This is a small percentage of a very, very big country.

It is frightening how far backwards this country has leaped, so far backwards. It’s scary. How am I to raise a child in this? How? Should I rely on the fact that we look white? Should I bank on that? I come from immigrants. I’m not talking the regular “oh my great great great great great greeeeeat grandparents came here from England” story most people like to recount. I’m talking my mother isn’t a citizen here, legal, but not a citizen. My father became a citizen in his thirties. My second language is English. We are minorities. So the fact that there are people out there who hate anyone not “from here” scares me. It’s sheer ignorance. We can’t even call this a civilized country anymore, it’s going to shit. We don’t have the right to say that we are civilized. Animals treat each other with more respect.

I want all of you who disagree, to say this with me…Slowly now, don’t hurt yourselves…













Actually, try that a few times.

I heard something the other day that was so true, I had to sit and think about it for a while. I had to let it sink in. “There isn’t more violence, there are just more cameras”. There isn’t more violence. There are just more cameras. People have been suffering for YEARS, undetected, unseen, unheard, out of mind. The black community is now taking a stand because enough is enough. This was bound to happen, people were bound to get fed up. It’s only going to get worse, much worse, before it ever gets better. What saddens me is that this is even still an issue. 2016…Forward thinkers….Innovators….Movers… Shakers…Yet, we still see all of this happening.

The land of the free?

Free, for who?




Don’t Just Post It…Do It!!!


In a world based off of social media sites, it’s inevitable that I mention something that I’ve noticed a lot lately on social media sites. People ranting and raving about something or other; going on and on about issues, re-posting, liking, asking for likes, begging for likes, do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t you hate the government? Like if you love Jesus, like if you hate cancer, like if you hate Michelle two streets down.

I am guilty of this, you are guilty of this, we are all guilty of this.

Why aren’t we doing? Why aren’t we donating our money to Children’s Hospital instead of “liking” the picture of the little bald girl with sad eyes, completely aware of what might become of her? Why aren’t we going to church instead of sharing pictures of Jesus; and even though Michelle two streets down might be a bit of a slut and she’s sleeping with your dad, why don’t we tell that bitch Michelle that she’s…Well…A bitch? Better yet, why don’t we just leave Michelle alone because you want to be the better person. Why should your relationship be “Facebook Official” for it to be real? Why has not posting this on Facebook ended relationships?

I understand the fact that all of these “shares” and “likes” are raising awareness. I understand that these “likes” and “shares” are worth it if they get just even one person to donate, or contribute their time, or speak up. My question is…Why haven’t you done any of these things? It is not okay for you to feel validated just by clicking a button. It is not okay for you to pretend that you’re oh so religious and worthy, when you don’t even think about your faith until you’re “sharing”. It is not okay to pretend you like people when you obviously don’t.

How about my favorite posts?

  • My boyfriend is a lying, cheating, worm….I love my boyfriend, bitches be trippin trynna take him away from me.
  • This drought is ridiculous! I couldn’t even go to the lake this weekend because of it UGH!…I just took a two hour shower, it felt soooo amazing OH EM GEE!
  • Wow, so much for having friends. When you need them they’re not even there for you…LEEEEET’S PARRRRTTTYYYY, out with my girlies *winkity winky wink wink wink wink*


  • Your boyfriend IS scum and he IS sleeping with all of these people and you SHOULD gain some self respect and leave the idiot instead of blaming all of the women he’s sleeping with who may not even know he has a girlfriend.
  • This drought issue is getting out of hand as we all know, but why haven’t we been doing our part to conserve? There is no reason for you to keep watering your lawn all day and night or letting your children play in the sprinklers. What are you doing in the shower for that long anyway? Whatever it is, I’m sure it can be done elsewhere because you’re certainly not BATHING.
  • You’re just as fake as you think your friends think you think they think you think they are.


We all post on social media, we all gripe, we all feel totally dissatisfied with our lives at some point. What are we doing to improve ourselves, our lives, our situations? These are all questions you should ask yourselves, and these are all questions that I have been asking myself lately.

I need to work out, I need to go back to school, I need to make more money, I need to support my daughter better financially, I need to stop being so damn hateful, I need to stop worrying about social media, and I need to stop worrying about other people’s lives.

We need to stop being a generation that sits back and watches…We need to be a generation that knows how to get our point across. There are so many of you who DO take the extra steps to actually make a difference and it is appreciated and noticed. Nothing is impossible.

Don’t just post it…Do it.